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The Center’s Entrepreneurial Communities framework can help you chart a course toward prosperity. We bring years of experience to our work and connect you to tools, expertise, and peers to support your pathway to prosperity.

Each department or individual package costs $37. To buy all packages, call
 (402) 323-7336.

e2 University—Readiness

Before you get started, consider whether your community is ready to commit to entrepreneur-focused development.

e2 University—Energizing Your Community

You’ll need broad community buy-in to be successful with an entrepreneurship strategy.

e2 University—Organizing for Action

Preparation is a key to success with development as it is with most pursuits.

e2 University—Assessment Overview

Understanding what you have to build upon is the first step toward a smart strategy.

e2 University—Development Opportunties Knowing how your regional economy is doing and where it is heading provides insights into development opportunities.
e2 University—Entrepreneurial Talent Assessing the size, nature and quality of talent within your community will help you expand and grow that talent.
e2 University—Entrepreneurial Resources Identify your community's "GO TO" resources to meet the needs of entrepreneurs you are targeting.  
e2 University—Stakeholders and Development Preferences Focus on what your community wants from development and identify stakeholders most likely to support your chosen strategy.
e2 University—Strategy Create a great game plan that you can execute well – the key to entrepreneurial success. Design an EDS to achieve greater community outcomes.
e2 University—Working with Entrepreneurs Identify and support your entrepreneurial talent as a way to grow your economy.
e2 University—Outreach, Intake, Screening & Referral Learn how to make the most of your initial conversations with entrepreneurs and begin to create effective network connections.
e2 University—Tracking & Portfolios Find out how to effectively and efficiently manage the entrepreneurs you are working to suppport.
e2 University—Metrics & Stories Understand the importance of measuring business and economic outcomes and sharing stories of entrepreneurial success.


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